Steps to Maintain Car During Lockdown


How to Maintain Car During Lock Down

In normal days, many peoples use their vehicles almost every day. But now crores of peoples in India are in lockdown at home due to the spread of corona virus. That means millions of cars and trucks are idle too. But you can do few basic maintenance to help your vehicle in good condition during this lockdown period.


1. Charge Your Car/Truck Battery:

Car batteries got discharge due to non-usage. Maintain the batteries if you are not driving during lockdown. The easiest way to keep your battery charged is by driving your car once per week.

If you switch ON the key, once you get inside the driver seat the engine may take long time to start and the balance battery get dry soon. To avoid this issues don’t start the engine, just switch ON and OFF the key for 3 to 4 times before starting the engine. While switching ON the key for multiple times battery gets active and it will start the engine within fraction of second. Don’t use the AC until the battery gets charged.


2. Maintain the Car Brake:


Using the hand brake for long period of days may cause the brake pads to stick. Check the brake oil before starting the car.


3. Car Parking:


In India most of the car owners don’t have enough space to park their car in Apartment. Choose your car parking space wisely to avoid unwanted issues. Use car cover while parking outside the apartment and also avoid parking under the tree or thick shrub. Change the parking space if you have a rat problem. Rats have Habitual behavior to build a nest around a dark and warm environment. Don’t park your vehicle too long in one spot and even when you are driving it everyday, make sure you switch your parking spot from time to time or Park you vehicle in bright lights areas. Avoid birds poop, it is an acid which can damage the cars paint.


4. Care Your Car Tyres:


If you leave your car idle for number of weeks, your car old tyre may lead to flat spots and the tyre will lose the round shape. Maintain the recommended air pressure even if they are not being used.


5. Extra Care:


Your car dealership / Workshop will be shut down, so do some basic maintenance and extra care to keep your car well maintained.


  • Keep up your normal maintenance schedule.
  • Use car cover.
  • Top up the Engine oil, Coolant Oil, Brake Oil and wiper water.
  • Clean the AC filter before using the AC.
  • Clean the car with shampoo and water to avoid body paint scratches.
  • Fill half tank petrol / Diesel.
  • Slightly open the door glasses for air flow and to reduce the heat temperature.
  • Maintain Tax and Insurance.

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